Examples of Building with Ferrocement Layers

Retrofitting of Houses Bandaged with Ferrocement Layers

Desa Karawana, Desa Maranatha, Desa Namo, Desa Tuva, Kabupaten Sigi, Sulawesi Tengah

Hotel 1

After successfully completing the project retrofitting 20 houses bandaged with ferrocement layers in Pakuli Utara, ADRA Indonesia with field coordinators Wandi, Nofriyanto, Fredic, and project manager Salim Muhammad, is now continuing to retrofit houses in other villages.

The local community and local masons were educated by watching videos on how to retrofit houses to make them earthquake-resistant by bandaging with ferrocement layers. There are a total 80 masonry houses to be retrofitted, distributed accross various areas: one in Palu, one in Karawana village, one in Tuva village, 37 in Namo village, and 40 in Maranatha village.