Examples of Building with Ferrocement Layers

Retrofitting of Houses Bandaged with Ferrocement Layers

Desa Pakuli Utara, Kabupaten Sigi, Sulawesi Tengah

Hotel 1

Continuing the "Training of Workers for Retrofitting of Houses Bandaged with Ferrocement Layers" held in Pakuli Utara village, Sigi District, Mid-Sulawesi from November 10 to 12, 2020, ADRA Indonesia successfully retrofitted 20 masonry houses using this method within just one-month.

With the assistance of homeowner, one mason and one labor were assigned to complete the retrofitting of a house within a span of 5 days. This demonstrates that with simple tools and materials that are easily obtained in the field, retrofitting earthquake-resistant houses bandaged with ferrocement layers only requires a short work time, materials and tools that are easily obtained locally, and can be done by the community independently with minimally technical experts.

The project was coordinated by Salim Muhammad as project manager, and Wandi, Nofriyanto, dan Fredic as field coordinators.

Below are some pictures of the 20 houses that have been successfully retrofitted with ferrocement layers.