Examples of Building with Ferrocement Layers

Construction Earthquake Resistant of House Bandaged with Ferrocement Layers and Training of Masons

Desa Mekkatta Selatan, Kecamatan Malunda, Kabupaten Majene, Sulawesi Barat

Hotel 1

After the West-Sulawesi earthquake on January 15, 2021, Yayasan Sheep Indonesia (YSI) has been actively involved in rebuilding people's hoses and retrofitting them to be an earthquake resistant buildings. This initiative includes providing training for masons and subsequently proceeding with the reconstruction of earthquake resistant house bandaged with ferrocement layers in Majene.

On May 3, 2021, a training session took place in Mekkatta Selatan Village, Majene District, West-Sulawesi. Alfian Philno Soriton, a field technical coordinator, served as the trainer. The training involved 22 masons from 3 different villages: Mekkatta Selatan and Kayuangin - Malunda Sub-District, Majene District; and Orobatu village - Tapalang Sub-District, Mamuju District, West-Sulawesi.

On-the-job-training in constructing earthquake-resistant house and strengthening/retrofitting existing masonry houses by bandaged with ferrocement layers was held. The training covers everything, from material preparation to the actual construction implementation.

The construction in West-Sulawesi is using sand from the sea because the local sand material usually obtained from rivers contains excessive mud. The sea sand should be washed with flowing water to minimize the presence of mud and salt (see video how to wash the sea sand). The wire mesh is either painted or covered with a plastic shield to protect it from corrosion.

Teddy Boen was supporting this training virtually and provided many suggestions for field implementation. After the training was completed, the construction of this house was continued by 2 masons and 3 workers.

On-the-job-training was continued on May 19-22, 2021. Since the construction was nearly completed, the 27 participants were introduced how to retrofit / strengthen the masonry house using ferrocement layers. The participants were devided into 2 groups. The first group consisted of 16 masons from Mekkatta Selatan village, Malunda Sub-District, Majene District; and the secon group consisted of 11 masons from Kayuangin - Malunda Sub-District, Majene District and Orobatu village - Tapalang Sub-District, Mamuju District.

The completed house was handed over on May 31, 2021. The ceremony was held and attended by the village head of Mekkatta Selatan, Mr. Andreas Subiono (YSI Director), Ms. Mona Saroinsong (YSI project officer for West-Sulawesi), YSI field officer, masons' representative, the village government representative from 3 villages (Mekkatta Selatan, Kayuangin, and Orobatu), and also the community form those villages.

Through this house, it is hoped that the self-help construction/strengthening of people's houses can be promoted. People are encouraged to build/strengthen earthquake-resistant houses bandaged with ferrocement layers because it is fast, easy, can be done independently with minimal technical assistance, and can reduce the burden on the government.