Examples of Building with Ferrocement Layers

Dissemination Building / Retrofitting Houses using Ferrocement Layers post Cianjur Earthquake

Cianjur, Jawa Barat

The November 21, 2023 Cianjur earthquake at 1:21 PM (Western Indonesia Time) caused many masonry houses damaged and collapsed. As a natural disaster that commonly occurs in Indonesia, the earthquake is unavoidable. Therefore, people should build an earthquake-resistant houses. However, until today, the construction of earthquake-resistant houses for the people is still not widely realized and understood. Even though the methods of building earthquake-resistant houses, including the use of ferrocement layers as pioneered by Dr. Teddy Boen, have been introduced for a long time.

ADRA Indonesia has initiated to participate in the construction and/or retrofitting of houses damaged by earthquakes using the technology of bandaged with ferrocement layers. Several awareness campaigns have been conducted, including in Warungkondang and Cugenang on December 30, 2022. During these awareness events, videos were shown on how to retrofit masonry houses bandaged with ferrocement layers, enabling participants to better understand that this retrofitting method is easy, simple, and economical.